Matt Masson

Matt Masson is a Senior Program Manager on the Power Query team. Matt has worked with multiple products across SQL Server, including SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Data Quality Services (DQS), Master Data Services (MDS), and the Data Management Gateway for the Power BI release. He has authored two books – SSIS Design Patterns (Apress) and SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (MS Press), and is a frequent presenter at SQL conferences. You can find his blog at

This session shows off the new features of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services in SQL Server code-named “Denali”.
This demo intensive session will show off the new features and enhancements designed to ease adoption for new users and increase productivity for experienced SSIS developers
The SQL Server 2012 release of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) includes a broad range of new capabilities designed to improve the deployment, management and monitoring of SSIS solutions. The core of these capabilities is the new SSIS Catalog.
Exposing the lighter side of Business Intelligence. If you've never been to a Power Hour session before then you will definitely shouldn't miss this one.
Join us to go beneath the UI, to learn how to unlock the full power of the underlying query engine and the formula language, and to truly conquer your data and data-shaping needs.

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M Language File for WordPress Crayon Syntax Highlighter 08 Jul 2015
@cjkoester kindly reminded me that I created an M language file for the fantastic Crayon Syntax Highlighter wordpress plugin that I use on my site. I’ve made it available on my OneDrive share… simply extract it into your plugins\crayon-syntax-highlighter\langs directory, and you should be good to ...

Recent site outage 21 Mar 2015
Hi all, A big thank you to everyone who pinged me over the past few days about this site being down. It’s always good a reminder of how many people read this blog on a daily basis! As you can see, the site is now up! It went down sometime on 3/19 due to combination … Continue reading ...

Azure Machine Learning 02 Dec 2014
At the PASS Summit last month, I showed off an Azure Machine Learning model which predicted how well a conference session would do based on its title. The model was part of my BI Power Hour demo, and unlike my usual Power Hour demos about cats and ponies, it bordered on actually being useful. ...

Parsing Binary data using Power Query formulas 11 Nov 2014
The Power Query formula language (M) contains a number of library functions that allow you to parse binary data. You can use these functions to build queries which parse custom binary file formats. This post contains two samples – a simple query which parses X & Y coordinate values from a ...

Iterating over an unknown number of pages in Power Query 10 Nov 2014
My previous blog post showed how to iterate over a set of web pages in Power Query using a parameterized function. The post contained two queries – the GetData function, and a query to invoke it over a set number of pages. GetData function [crayon-55db1f5606e14236094289/] Query to invoke it ...