Making the ODS the Centre of Your Data Strategy

Data is now one of the most valuable assets of
an organisation. Not only is data driving the business, but it is also
affecting how the business is run and enabling more accurate and timely
decision making. Who owns the data between production application systems and
the BI and Data Warehouse systems is a key role as well as a growing challenge
for IT organisations to address.


The new role of the CDO (Chief Data Officer)
and the explosion of ‘Big Data’ has triggered the need for organisations to
build out real-time Operational Data Store (ODS) layers which feed the ‘Data
Lake’ on Hadoop. This architecture model has become a popular one that enables
companies to strategically and affordably overcome challenges created by
continually growing data volumes now and into the future.


Attend this lunchtime session to learn how the
creation of an ODS should be at the heart of your data architecture.
Presented by Attunity at SQLBits XII