Table-Based Database Object Factories

Ever had to write a large number of similar or standardized stored procedures, audit triggers, archive tables, etc.? Let SQL Server do the work for you! With some custom functions, stored procedures and extended properties, this is no longer a chore. In this session we will see how to create table-based object factories that are capable of producing well-formatted stored procedures, triggers, audit tables or whatever you need them to produce. Whether initial creates or alters post schema changes, the manual drudgery can be removed!

During the session I will explain what automation is possible and demonstrate this working in practice. I will also show how this can be used in conjunction with DDL Triggers and SQL Server Database Tools to seamlessly fit into the development process.

I heard a phrase from Jen Stirrup recently, "If you have to do it twice, automate it.". Damn straight, I'm down with that and you should be too.
Presented by James Skipwith at SQLBits XI
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    James is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and currently works in London. He started life as a developer over seventeen years ago and has progressed from being an MSCD on Visual Basic 6 to an MCM.  In the pie that is SQL Server, he has his fingers in every slice; administration, development, automation, and Azure. He loves nothing more than making things that are large, fast, and low maintenance. He is currently helping to administer a shed load of data for a very demanding business and automating everything possible using PowerShell.

    He has presented sessions at SQL Bits, SQL Relay, SQL Saturday, and at SQL User Groups across the country.

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