SQL Server 2012: Column store indexes

Ever since the inception of SQL Server, its indexes have always been based on B-trees. With SQL Server 2012, that finally changes!
A new index type is introduced: the column store index. A completely different paradigm, that can offer huge performance increases for some workloads.
In this session, Hugo will give you a fascinating "under the hood" view of this new type of indexes. How are they built, how do they work, and why do they manage to have such a dramatic impact on performance? Attend this session, and you'll find out!
Presented by Hugo Kornelis at SQLBits X
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    Hugo is co-founder and R&D lead of perFact BV, a Dutch company that strives to improve analysis methods and to develop computer-aided tools that will generate completely functional applications from the analysis deliverable. The chosen platform for this development is SQL Server. In his spare time, Hugo likes to share and enhance his knowledge of SQL Server by frequenting newsgroups and forums, reading and writing books and blogs, and attending and speaking at conferences. For his contributions to the SQL Server community, Microsoft has given him the MVP award in 2006, and every year since.
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