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Paul te Braak is the principle consultant of abaX Data and has over a decade of experience in delivering reporting and business intelligence solutions across a variety of verticals.  This experience includes systems auditing, planning and business simulation models that predict activity through heuristic rules imbedded into the model.  He holds several qualifications including MCT, CA, MIT, MComm.

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To Automate or Not? – The Pros and Cons of Data Warehouse Automation 28 Oct 2014
I have been thinking about data warehouse automation for at least 2 years now. That’s just a long enough time for me to see the pros and cons, examine the state of affairs, consider the consequences of both camps and lastly consider my reaction to those consequences. I’ve come to ...

BIML II – Extracting Database Tables to Text Files 27 Oct 2014
In this post we look at the Biml required to generate a SSIS package that copies data from a table to a flat file (that is, a text file output). It’s a pretty simple example but one that can build on our prior knowledge. We have already gone over the basics of Biml in our […]

Data Vault and Data Mining (AusDM) 26 Oct 2014
What does the data vault data warehousing methodology have in common with data mining? There are two conferences / courses being run in Australia in November, 2014. Data Vault The Data Vault data warehousing methodology has gained a lot of traction over the past few years. If you’ve never ...

BIML I – Getting Started with BIML 22 Oct 2014
Traditional SSIS development requires the ETL developer to create a package and then manually add and configure tasks. While this method of visual development is fine, it suffers from reproducibility and maintenance overhead. For example, imagine (a very contrived scenario) where you create a ...

Changing Excel Table Connections in VBA 09 Sep 2014
In previous posts, I’ve discussed using VBA to extract connection information from Pivot Tables and hacking a tables command so that you can programmatically change the results of a query. But what if you have a table and you want to change its connection and its command? This can be achieved ...