Dr.SubraMANI Paramasivam is an MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Principal Solutions Architect at DAGEOP Ltd with 18+ years of DB, BI, Analytics experience. Mani also spoke in PASS Summit, SQL Saturdays, SQLServerGeeks Summit, SQLBITS, MCT Summits, INSIDESQL UK, Data Awareness Programmes, Data Day Events.
Mani likes to enlighten the education & data and started his own FREE data awareness programme (www.dataap.org) in remote areas who are in need. Mani speaks a lot about Performance Tuning, Analytics, DB & SQL Server Architecture, DBA, Partitioning, Resource Governor, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Development, T-SQL Programming and Microsoft certifications.


What are the techniques to implement linked reports, subscriptions, report history, snapshot options, editing report using browser based Report Builder? Find out in this session.
There are still environments which serve one single SQL Server database for both critical applications & reporting. Budgeting issues and infrastructure bottlenecks kill the application to be better managed and maintained. What could be the solution?
As we have always seen a steady growth in SSRS since 2005, we now have much more advanced brand new features in 2016 SQL Server Reporting Services, beyond our imagination and in particular using Revolution R Models.