Sebastian Meine

Sebastian is the SQL Stylist at llc ( He founded in 2010 to fully engage in his passion for SQL Server. Sebastian provides training and consulting services. He specializes in T-SQL Test Driven Development (TDD) and performance tuning and shares his knowledge regularly with audiences world-wide through his writings and speaking engagements. Sebastian is also the CTO of TSTS Inc, a company that provides online personalized training and workout solutions.

After receiving his PhD in Computer Science, Sebastian moved to the United States to begin his career as a software developer for a global Fortune 50 company. He quickly rose to the role of software architect, functioning as a SQL performance and TDD expert, assuming responsibility for the code quality and performance of dozens of large-scale database installations nationwide.

This demo-packed session introduces you to database unit testing. You’ll learn techniques to write SQL code that is resilient to defects and is easier to change and maintain.