4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London


Mark Pryce-Maher

Mark is the owner and principle consultant at Iceni Solutions, a SQL Server Business and Oracle  consultancy in the UK with clients in a variety of sectors from banking to finance. He specialises in Administration and Performance tuning. Mark is a MCITP and MSCA in SQL Server 2008 & 2012 and has spoken a a number a a number of SQL Server conferences in the UK. 
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Mark Pryce-Maher has submitted 4 sessions for SQLBits XIV, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

In this session we will run through the tools that Microsoft use to track down performance issues with SQL Server. Learn how to use these freely available tools; SQLDiag, SQLNexus and ClearTrace to diagnose your SQL Server issue.
Have you even thought about extending the functionality of SQL Server Management Studio? In this session we will run through the process of creating an Add-in's with all its ups and downs.
Azure Machine Learning is a fully managed cloud service for predictive analytics. In this 1hour session, we will run through; ML Studio,using data, Creating and running Experiments, visualising results, R , publishing and using experiments.
If you know SQL Server, then you know a lot more about Oracle than you ever thought you did. This session is for people who know SQL Server, but what to know about Oracle.

Previous Sessions

We will travel back in time a bit to SQL 2005 to see how SSMS Add-ins worked, then jump forward to the present day were we will go through the process of writing a SSMS Add-in for R2.

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