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Ricky Brundritt

Ricky Brundritt is the Microsoft EMEA Bing Maps Technology Solution Professional. He is a Co-founder of the Bing Maps UK user group and is heavily involved in the Bing Maps community. Ricky was also a Microsoft MVP for the Windows Live Platform in 2009, 2010 & 2011 and also the winner of a Microsoft competition held in 2010 that earned him the title “King of Bing Maps”. As a former software consultant Ricky enjoys experimenting with the latest in software technology and integrating it with Bing Maps.
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Integrating Bing Maps with Salesforce.com 26 Feb 2015
Recently I had a customer ask how to add Bing Maps to their Salesforce.com solution. I regularly work with developers who are integrating Bing Maps into Microsoft Dynamic CRM, but this was the first request I’ve had for Salesforce.com in a while. In this blog post we are going to see just how easy ...

Visualizing point-based Business Intelligence data on Bing Maps 05 Feb 2015
It is often said that upwards of 80% of business data has some sort of location based context to it. In recently years many companies have learnt the value of unlocking this data and making use of it to make better business decisions. Many companies use Bing Maps to make better sense of their ...

Webcast: Visualizing Big Data on Bing Maps 13 Jan 2015
Web Conference Info: Date: February 4th, 2015Time: 9:00 am to 10:00 am Pacific Presented By:Ricky Brundritt- Program Manager – Bing Maps Customer Advisory Team, Microsoft Adam Stevens- Business Development Manager, MapCite Eimar Boesjes- COO & CTO, Moonshadow Mobile Session Overview:Join ...

How to create bounded tile layers in Bing Maps (JavaScript) 10 Nov 2014
Tile layers are a great way to visualize a lot of data on a map and still have good performance. Depending on the type of data you are displaying as a tile layer, you may find that it is localized to a small part of the world. If this is the case then you will…

Be smooth: Optimize Bing Maps in multipage Windows Store apps (JavaScript) 24 Oct 2014
Bing Maps is the most widely used map control inside of Windows Store apps. Many simple apps consist of a single page user experience while many other consist of multiple pages. Many developers like to use Bing Maps throughout their application but have found that this results in the map control ...