4th - 7th May 2016


Jason Thomas

Jason has been working with Microsoft BI tools since he joined the IT industry in 2006. Since then he has worked across SSAS, SSRS and SSIS for a large number of clients like Unilever, Imperial Tobacco, IATA, Schneider Electric, etc. He is currently working at Mariner, NC (USA) (www.mariner-usa.com) and his personal blog site can be found at http://road-blogs.blogspot.com
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A 1hr session jam packed with demos on SSRS Spatial reporting

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Custom Indicators in Power BI using Chiclet Slicers 06 Nov 2015
First of all, happy Friday! As we get ready to enjoy the weekend, I thought of noting down a quick tip on how to use the totally awesome Chiclet Slicer to display custom indicators in Power BI. If you are hearing about the Chiclet Slicer for the first time, please do check out the official […]

Performance Problems with IF statement execution in SSAS Tabular 04 Nov 2015
Due to the high compression rates and stellar in-memory architecture of SSAS Tabular, most people with smaller models do not experience performance problems (in-spite of employing bad data modeling techniques and inefficient DAX measures).  However, as the size of your models increase, you will ...

Quick Intro to Power BI Visuals Gallery 19 Oct 2015
I don’t usually look forward to Mondays (especially after spending a very exhausting though rewarding weekend organizing SQL Saturday Charlotte), but then today was different. Amir Netz had already spoiled my weekend by putting out a teaser on Power BI and I was actually waiting for Monday to come ...

My Thoughts on Cross Filtering in Power BI 30 Sep 2015
It’s amazing how much of an influence your upbringing can have on you and your preferences. I was the youngest in my family for almost 10 years (till my brother came along) and not to say, growing up, I was very much pampered by my mom. However, my dad was more of a proponent of […]

My Thoughts on Calculated Tables in Power BI 24 Sep 2015
Yesterday was a terrific day for all of Microsoft Power BI fans. Microsoft released updates for Power BI Service, Power BI Mobile and Power BI Desktop (with an unbelievable 44 new features) – which basically means no matter whether you are a developer, BI professional or an end user, all of you got ...