To Err on the safe side: Denali T-SQL Error handling

We will look into creating a full blown generic error handling routine for T-SQL stored procedures using SQL Server Denali  T-SQL error handling features. This not only includes logging of all kinds of information, but also the creation of call chains and full error propagation as well.
Presented by Martijn Evers at SQLBits IX
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    Martijn Evers is Founder and Principle of DataMasters(Unseen). Martijn has been designing and developing information systems for over 15 years. The last 10 years mainly in the roles as (independent) consultant, analyst or architect. His passions lie with (temporal) modeling and metadata driven system design. Currently he is focusing on Data Vault as the basis for Datawarehouse development. Martijn is also doing Data Vault related research and is involved in promoting Data Vault in Higher education. Especially since Data Vault is the upcoming Datawarehouse design methodology in the Netherlands.  In 2010 Martijn became president of the Dutch Data Vault User Group. He is also a member of the international Data Vault Standards Board.
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