SSIS Custom Components

Designing custom components for SSIS is a complex task.

Much of the available documentation is not very intuitive, and although technically correct, can be simply unfathomable. There is a step learning curve , with many trips and false starts upon the way.  Once understood though, the benefits in code reuse and overall performance can be well worth the effort.

>Once you have understood the data flow functionality, then the hurdle of creating a UI will then have to be crossed. Starting with a blank project , the end to end process will be demonstrated to allow you to get all the benefits

Presented by Dave Ballantyne at SQLBits VIII
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    Dave is a freelance SQL Server database architect / designer / developer / consultant and lives near London, England.  He takes a keen interest in all things SQL and data related and is never happier than picking apart a poorly executing query.  He has also created an open sourced add-in for SQL Server data tools (SSDT) called "TSQL Smells".  This detects and reports on 'suspect'  code within a project and can be found at . Outside of work he is husband, father of 3 and exasperated archer.
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