Do your business users require real-time insights into the data held in your operational systems? Do you struggle to analyse the data in a scalable and performant way? If so, then this session is for you.

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's cloud native, elastic scale, globally distributed database that is designed to hosted the web-scale applications of today. Apache Spark is the battle-tested, large-scale big data analytics platform that is designed to analyse the large amounts of data that applications produce today. If we combine both technologies together then we get a solution that can handle the requirements of our transactional system as well as giving us the ability to perform analytics on the data our system collects.

In this session you will get an introduction to Azure Cosmos DB and Apache Spark, learn how they both fit in to the Modern Data Warehouse architecture and see them both in action when performing analysis on data stored in Cosmos DB.

This session assumes you have no knowledge of Cosmos DB or Spark and aims to give you a brief introduction to the amazing capabilities that these technologies can bring to your business.

The video is not available to view online.