Delivering on the promise of a modern data warehouse architecture is fraught with problems, particularly when porting an organisation's DWH into the cloud.  This session will present an elegant solution whereby tabular cubes are built directly on top of Azure Databricks and delivered to your enterprise via Power BI Premium.  ETL is performed using Azure Databricks and data is stored in Azure Data Lake Gen2 in the Databricks Delta Lake format.  Enterprise applications can also take advantage of Power BI Embedded and so provide a very flexible development framework.

This session will cover:

  • Atomic ETL with Databricks Delta Lake (demo)
  • Pros and cons of Power BI Premium versus Azure Analysis Services
  • Why Power BI Desktop becomes the the tool of choice (rather than Visual Studio) to build tabular cubes 
  • Building a semantic layer (data virtualization) with Azure Databricks (demo)
  • Cube partitioning and incremental refresh in Power BI Premium
  • Implementing Row Level Security in your tabular cube with Power BI Desktop (demo)
  • Azure Data Lake Gen2 and the benefits of Parquet file format
  • Developing applications using Power BI Embedded (demo)

The video is not available to view online.