The Power BI service (SaaS) and the Power BI Embedded service in Azure (PaaS) have APIs for embedding your dashboards and reports.

Microsoft Power BI Embedded Analytics helps organizations to use Power BI data experiences within their applications and external users. End users, who use applications with Power BI Embedded Analytics, have different options to embed Power BI functionalities in organization applications or in custom solutions. 

This session covers both – Power BI service Premium SKUs and Power BI Embedded service, but the practical exercises are mainly on Power BI Embedded service because of licensing

After this session, attendees will have knowledge on the major concepts, related to Power BI Embedded Analytics: 

- Use-cases

- Architecture

- Licensing

- Security

- Application development

- Application deployment

- Performance optimization

Several demos are included in the session to demonstrate how to create applications using Power BI Embedded Analytics.

The video is not available to view online.