The pursue of Big Data has caused immeasurable damage and will continue to do so unless we stop this mass madness.

In this session we will utilize history, facts, authority, and plain logic to expose Big Data for what it really is.
Layer by layer, we will peel off the Confusion, Illusion, Deception, Distraction and the Regression that is Big Data.
You will realize for yourself just how much progress and value Big Data has bestowed on us.

But more importantly, you will come to see what we can and must do to advance data practice, and consequently make the world a better place.

This session is a plea for your common sense and professional dignity.
Brace yourself for an inspiring session, filled with laughter, terror, and “Aha" moments galore.

“Most important talk I’ve heard in over a decade”, “Though Provoking”, “An eye opener”, “Realizations galore”, “It makes so much sense now”, “I never thought to look under the covers” are the most common feedback comments I received from data practitioners like yourself.

I guarantee that you will never look at big data the same way.

* Inspired by “Big Data, Big Dupe” by Stephen Few, with author’s permission.

The video is not available to view online.