This is the story of how a team of 6 did everything they could to fight the status quo. From going against management demands and being the ugly duckling team to providing 4 other teams with a platform, services, and training. Deploying to production can take us as little as 5 minutes these days while it used to take us 6 months.

We'll open the session with a demo of the technical tricks we used in our BI projects to improve our delivery speed. Sadly enough, we noticed this barely made a dent in the 6 months it took us to deliver requests to our users. So in the rest of the session, we'll go through the actions we took to shorten delivery time. And you'll learn the reasoning behind them, so you too can overcome organizational barriers to help speed up the delivery of value to your end users. By the end of the session, you should have the knowledge to start your own journey to get your deployments from development to working in production in 5 minutes!

The video is not available to view online.