• Wednesday 27th Feb: Registration opens at 08:00, sessions run from 09:00 to 17:00
  • Thursday 28th Feb: Registration opens at 08:00, sessions run from 09:00 to 17:00
  • Friday 1st Mar: Registration opens at 08:00, keynote from 09:00, sessions run from 10:20 to 17:40
  • Saturday 2nd Mar: Registration opens at 07:30, sessions run from 08:15 to 17:00

Be there early enough to get through the venue security checks, and registration on your first day. 

Registration will be open until mid day each day, so don't worry if you're late. 

At the end of Friday and Saturday there will be a prize draw

Evening Entertainment

  • Thursday evening: Pub quiz, with curry and a bar. Quiz stats at 19:00 
  • Friday evening: The party! Fancy dress theme is 1920's Speakeasy; think prohibition, Bugsy Malone, Peaky Blinders, the Great Gatsby. Doors open 19:00
  • Both of the above will be held in the same venue as the conference.

The Pub Quiz is held in teh exhibition hall, and the Frday Party in the Both of the above will be held in the same venue as the conference.


We’ve heard you loud and clear, that over the past few years at times you didn’t hear our speakers that loud or clear. Venues don’t exist in the UK with the space and layout we need for the SQLBits experience and thus we have to build theatres. This year we’ve made considerable investment into tackling the challenge of sound. We have engaged a new AV company that is an industry leader in sound management. Each room is larger and the speakers are on the outside pointing in ensuring you hear the content from the room you are in. The sound control is state of the art enabling better control of the different aspects of the sound travel. Not only have we changed the AV but we have reconfigured the rooms to improve sound. There are 5 m high draped walls (6m around the expo). The walls consist of double drape + sound barrier insulation to block all the different sound frequencies and finally we’ve changed orientation to minimise noise from the exhibition hall.

Power & WiFi

If you are running that Alienware laptop or that 3 year old Dell you need power during the training day. This year we’ve had custom power units made to ensure that there will be power on all the desks. Providing 1000 sockets is no mean feat. Venue wifi is always a challenge. This year we’ve invested in providing dedicated wifi that we are in control of. There are dedicated wifi access points in each room. We have Wifi helpers on hand to troubleshoot problems. Bandwidth will be controlled to make sure everyone is getting a good experience.

Tip: Set your network to be a metered connection to avoid overloading the network.

Q&A Pods

If following the session you’ve further questions for the speakers, you can make use of the two Q&A pods we have added in the exhibtion area. These are areas within the expo hall that consist of walls with a large monitor, whiteboard table and chairs to allow you to demo, whiteboard and discuss all aspects of data. They are open to all so feel free to use them to share, discuss and collaborate.

Green Bags

We’re reducing our use of hard to recycle laminate bags by replacing with reusable tote bags, so you can pop down the supermarket with your SQLBits bag.