Power BI Report Design and Development workshop

This one-day collaborative workshop will cover the various Power BI design stages learned from years of consulting and working with some of the largest enterprises. The workshop, divided into five modules, enables you to bring your end user's data to life with Power BI.

1 The Basics of Data Visualization

In this first module, you will get an introduction to data visualization and discover why telling the right story to the right audience is so important.

2 Aligning people and data

This module will teach you how to conduct workshops and gather requirements from stakeholders and end users. Then you will learn techniques to explore data and identify meaningful patterns. In the hands-on workshops, we will use sample templates to ask the right questions and convert captured requirements to use cases. By the end of this section, you will be able to determine the 5W's and How (who, what, why, where, and how) to create an optimal Power BI model.

3 Drive use cases and data patterns to drive visualizations

In this section, you will learn concepts and techniques that will assist you in identifying the right visual based on data and use cases. You will understand the most used visual categories like Key Metrics, charts, Maps etc. and then learn how to use them in Power BI to create stand-out visuals.

4 How to find the right visuals

In this section, you will learn tips and techniques to identify the right visual for the right audience and their use cases. The section also includes an exercise to find the right visuals based on your previously identified use cases.

5 Putting the story together

In this module, we will tie it all together using my top 10 techniques to create a stunning Power BI report. We will cover everything, from a blank canvas to an actionable report, and ensure it is accessible to all users. We will end the day with a final workshop to create reports based on different audiences. A ready-to-use Power BI model, personas and use cases will be provided.


Wednesday 15 March 2023