Hone your T-SQL Querying Skills - Write Robust and Efficient Solutions

Data is one of the most valuable resources, if not the most valuable, for many companies. Data professionals are more and more in demand, and as a data professional focused on the Microsoft data platform you are expected to have a strong grasp of T-SQL.
As you gain experience with writing T-SQL code and with solving T-SQL querying challenges, you can appreciate that this language is much deeper than you thought initially, and that handling querying tasks both correctly with robust solutions and efficiently is far from being trivial.
This full day seminar will help you with honing your T-SQL querying skills. It starts with an extensive coverage of logical query processing, to help you get a good understanding of the conceptual interpretation of SQL queries, and thinking correctly in SQL terms. It then provides guidance as to how to methodically learn about query optimization algorithms, their scaling characteristics and indexing guidelines. The seminar then identifies common querying tasks and provides efficient patterns for solving them, including handling intervals, supply and demand, gaps and islands, TOP N per group, working with a number series generator, and more. Finally, as time permits, the seminar will also cover common bugs that can appear in your T-SQL code, and provide best practices to help you avoid such bugs in the future.


Tuesday 14 March 2023