Govern your Power BI environment

It is easy to get started with Power BI, but as soon as reports are shared, a new challenge arises: Managing your Power BI environment. Certainly when more and more colleagues - independently of each other - start building reports. If you are not careful, you lose control over, security, governance, privacy, data quality and metadata. This all comes at the expense of the quality of the reports and analyses.

The training is intended for anyone who manages Power BI environment(s). These can be admins, but certainly also people responsible for governance, developers and consultants who have to help their organization set up a Power BI environment.

In this training, we cover everything you need to know to maintain a Power BI- environment. We walk through all features and how you can best configure them according to the best practices. But you're not done yet because you also want to keep control while people using Power BI. So, we also look at monitoring and activity logs.

Topics during this training are admin portal, security options, licensing, premium capacity management, deployment pipelines, data governance, sharing options and monitoring.

After this course you'll have a deep understanding on:
· Admin portal, including tenant settings and controlling your On-premises data gateway.
· Security options within Power BI. Dealing with groups, users and permissions, but also data protection and row-level-security.
· Licensing. Differences between free, Pro-license, PPU-licence and Premium licensing.
· Premium capacity management.
· Development best practices. Collaboration, ALM, deployment pipelines and re-usability.
· Data Governance. Purview and other ways to improve your data governance.
· Monitoring your Power BI environment.
· Sharing options and how to keep control of it as an admin.


Tuesday 14 March 2023