Getting your SQL estate in order at scale and keeping it that way with ease.

Still on-prem and need to automate your administration and validation of your SQL instances?
You’d love to have your databases in the cloud automatically updating but your team needs to take care of that?
You want to know if your instances are all compliant with your internal and external requirements?
You want to spend a day having fun and learning things?

This is the training day that you require (and you don’t even need to get more than 8 with a 2d6 to join)

We will split the day into two.

Firstly, we will increase your PowerShell and dbatools automation knowledge by a substantial number of points and dive deep into solving some more challenging estate automation tasks such as

- Updating and patching your SQL Instances with minimal downtime
- Adding replicas to Availability Groups without effort
- Advanced migrations for large mission critical databases
- Integrating database process automation with CI/CD tooling such as GitHub Actions
- And wherever else the adventure takes us

You will learn from two experts, how we have solved the challenges of automating estates at scale and in a performant way.

Then we will level you up with estate validation so that you can be sure everything is in order, and you can easily demonstrate that every instance is in a particular state to any dwarven cleric or provide validation to the elven auditors that your instances pass the CIS SQL security benchmark using dbachecks for example.

Throughout the day we will share with you all the tips and tricks we have gained from working with large estates at scale with excellent performance and automation.

You will leave with a strong understanding of the tools that you have available to automate and validate your SQL estate and the confidence to implement it in your environment.

Come and join us for a great day of PowerShell and SQL full of demos and useful solutions that you will be able to take back to your workplace and benefit from immediately. You will improve your knowledge and skills, see how the modern DBA will work and have fun at the same time.

Who Are You?

You are a DBA, senior or junior, looking after 1 or 100,000 instances, a developer who interacts with SQL Server, an accidental DBA or you have DevOps in your job title.
You are interested in improving your PowerShell skills for SQL Server or reducing the time you and your team spend administering SQL Server.
You have spent 1 day or 20 years working with SQL Server.
You know that you work in a field where automation is most important and want to understand more of what is available.
You are interested in learning and improving your automation skillset.

What do you need?

All you need is yourself! We would recommend that you bring something to take notes with as well as a minimum. (We know you’ll be bringing your laptop as well!!)

All scripts and slides will be provided to you. If you wish to follow along with most of the demos, you should have access to a machine with PowerShell v 5 or above with a SQL Server 2012 or above instance.
Tuesday 14 March 2023