Financial Reporting with Power BI

Learn how to build financial reports in Power BI (focused on Income Statement) with a complete end-to-end run through of designing a data model based on financial transactions, ingesting monthly system extracts (CSV), data modelling/DAX (including time intelligence) and data visualisation.

In this session you will learn how to:

• Capture report (and non-functional) requirements and design a corresponding data model to be built in Power BI
• Apply transformations to data in Power Query including how to automatically combine monthly CSV files, apply currency conversion and work with data at different grains/levels of detail (actual vs budget)
• Create basic calculations in DAX including key ratios such as Gross Profit % and Cost:Income Ratio
• Present data in the format of traditional financial statements in Power BI using the native matrix visual and custom visuals, including creating different views (e.g. monthly vs quarter/year to date) and with the ability to drill into individual transactions
• Perform variance analysis using waterfall charts, KPI cards and custom visuals which allow you to understand the drivers of financial performance


Wednesday 15 March 2023