Building an end-to-end and open solution to monitor and govern your entire data estate

These days the responsibility to monitor and govern the data estate is not only a central IT affair. With the push towards self-service, citizen data activities, and mesh architectures it is much more also a shared responsibility. Do you already have a solution in place? Do you know exactly which part of your data lakehouse contributes most to storage cost? Do you know if all best-practices are applied in a particular Power BI dataset? Interesting questions that can be difficult and time-consuming to answer.

To really know all the ins and outs of your entire data estate you will have to gather the metrics and logs of Azure data services as well as the Power BI environment. This training day we will explain and demonstrate how to build such a solution. The end result will be a unified overview on essential information regarding pipelines, performance, data quality, user activity, cost management, and much more. Shared to all stakeholders in a Power BI dataset and report. You will learn how you can build exactly this within your organization! We'll share our learnings and best-practices along the way in a demo-rich day.

After an overview of the involved services, we will dive right into the Azure Portal and Power BI Service. You will be guided by two-time Data Platform MVP Dave Ruijter and four-time Power BI MVP Marc Lelijveld, both of whom bring a wealth of practical experience to the table across the entire stack of Power BI and the Azure Data Platform.

NB. No need to bring your laptop as there will be no exercises. Of course you are welcome to bring it to take notes.
Tuesday 14 March 2023