Boost Your Skills for an Azure Architect

Architect - the role that is only for those that have decades of experience! Or is it? Architecture is as much a skill as any other and this training day is for developing your architect skills to the next level!

We will begin the day by going through a systematic process to choose the most appropriate services for your use case, by looking at the entire Azure data landscape. We will then take a closer look at how to make these services work seamlessly in your environment by consider monitoring, availability, backups and encryption to name a few. We also need to consider how the data requirements are reflected to the architectural layer.

In the second part of the day, we will be focusing on two main areas: networking and access control. We will figure out how to make Azure networking work for your benefit and how to really make complex networking scenarios work without hick ups. With access control, we need to get very familiar with Azure AD, as well as figure out how access can be managed to empower the different users of our data solution.

During this full day precon we will not only go through the theory, but also build out a reference architecture using Azure Synapse Analytics to bring these architecture principles to life. You will also gain the understanding of how to adopt this architecture to different scenarios. During this day you will be give a boost to your skills for architecting a powerful data platform solution on Azure!


Wednesday 15 March 2023