Automate the rollout of a complete Azure based data warehouse solution in a day

In just one day we will create a completely automated rollout of a data warehouse solution consisting of Azure SQL DB, Data Factory, Databricks, Storage, Log Analytics, Keyvault and Synapse Serverless.
We will use Bicep, Github Actions, Powershell and API calls to glue everything together. The end result will be a working end to end flow of data, all technologies
will be able to talk to each other via azure active directory where possible, and creating the needed Managed Identities and IAM rights will be part of our automation.
And of course we will have separate Dev, Test and Production environments.
Besides the "how" part, where we'll dive deep into how Bicep works for instance we are taking time to discuss what kind of rights your pipeline needs and what to do when your organisation doesn't grant you everything.
We'll also discuss the differences between Github Actions vs Azure DevOps and Bicep vs Terraform. We'll mix in as much as possible notes from the field to make this day not just a
"start to finish" technical how-to but also a lessons learned. After this training you will not just be able to take the code and run it yourself but also understand all the bits and pieces and
adapt it to your own situation.


Tuesday 14 March 2023