Automate Deployments with Azure DevOps

Developing databases and Azure Data Factory pipelines is just the beginning. Once the code has been committed to source control, moving code between environments can be cumbersome in a manual environment. When multiple databases are involved or database changes need to be deployed with ADF pipeline changes, tracking the proper builds of each solution is critical. Otherwise, the quality assurance team may test incompatible builds, leading to wasted time and potentially allowing unsupported changes to be deployed together.

This session will introduce database developers and administrators to build and release pipelines in Azure Data Factory. Participants will gain hand-on experience, working with a demonstration database and a set of Data Factory artifacts to deploy to a target environment. Additionally, PowerShell will be used to do basic tests to ensure the database and ADF artifacts were deployed correctly. There are many nuances and advanced settings in DevOps, which will not be covered in this course.


Wednesday 15 March 2023