Architecting Scalable, Available, and Manageable SQL Server Deployments

Whether you are running SQL Server on premises, in a public cloud, or as part of a hybrid solution that spans both, your solutions must meet three main criteria:

1. Perform well
2. Be up and running meeting the company's availability requirements
3. Be relatively easy to manage - including security

Deployments that are up but are slow, or ones that perform well but are down every other day are useless. Add to that solutions that are complex and hard to manage often break and cause downtime and/or performance issues no matter how good they look in a Visio diagram.

How do you balance performance, availability, manageability, and security to achieve all your goals in a single design for SQL Server? How do you migrate from A to B with minimal downtime? This full day will not only provide tips and tricks on how to achieve successful deployments based on real world experience, but show and discuss relevant features and technologies that you should be aware of no matter how you deploy and use SQL Server - Windows Server, Linux, physical, virtual, IaaS, or PaaS.


Wednesday 15 March 2023