Notes from the Field: A Guide to Modern SQL Server Availability Architectures

Whether you are deploying SQL Server on premises, up in one of the public clouds, or hybrid, instances and databases must be made highly available. There are many different ways to solve that challenge, including built-in features such as Always On Availability Groups (AGs), Always On Failover Cluster Instances (FCIs), log shipping, platform-based options such as vMotion or Live Migration, and more. While there are many possibilities, what are the methods along with their corresponding best practices to achieve business continuity with SQL Server?

Based on over twenty years of customer deployments, this full day session will cover the most common availability scenarios from simple to complex to ensure SQL Server is up and running when you need it to be. The topics that will be discussed include:

* Understand the availability options in SQL Server as well as at a platform level and where they should (or should not) be used
* Learn the patterns and practices for making SQL Server available
* Understand how the location of choice (on premises or up in the public cloud) affects deployments - that includes IaaS and PaaS
* Learn how to avoid or minimize the impact of events that affect uptime
* Usable, real-world best practices, tips, and tricks

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Tuesday 8 March 2022