Finding Problems and Stabilizing Performance with Query Store

As a data professional you often get pulled in to troubleshoot a drop in performance, and it can be stressful. Then, when you figure out the issue, people want you to fix it...immediately. But what if you need to change a query or the schema and you don't have direct code access? Or even if you do, you have to go through a change control process which can take hours or days, and you don't know when performance will tank again.

Did you know that Query Store can not only help you find problematic queries, but it can also help you manage query performance, *without* changing the schema or the code?
Whether you have SQL Server on-premises, in the cloud on a VM, or you use Azure SQL Database, Query Store is a tool you can use for troubleshooting and monitoring, as well as stabilizing query performance.

In this full day workshop, built using real-world examples based on customer issues resolved over the last 5 years, we will cover Query Story end to end, top to bottom. Topics include:

• Configuration best practices
• Considerations related to performance
• Using Query Store to find your problem queries
• Plan forcing (manual and automatic)
• How to leverage Query Store for upgrades
• How to determine if a different compatibility mode or Cardinality Estimator model benefits your workload, based on Query Store data
• How Query Store Hints and Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) features can stabilize query performance

Expect discussion, a lot of demos, and practical knowledge that you can apply to your environment the moment you turn on Query Store.

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Wednesday 9 March 2022