Power BI Paginated Reporting in a Day

The time-tested and well-loved SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports are now a new report choice in Power BI. Known as “paginated reports”, this report type allow you to design pixel-perfect and print-ready layouts. They complement Power BI reports, and provide you as a report author a way to deliver operational-type reports—especially those you intend to print or distribute (think invoices, and other list-oriented layouts). There are many other “sweet spot” fits for paginated reporting that we’ll shared with you on the day, too.

In this one-day session, you’ll learn all about Power BI paginated reporting features. You’ll learn how to author, publish, manage and distribute paginated reports. Topics will include working with Power BI Report Builder, connecting to your data, parameterization, authoring report layouts, presenting data in grid and graphical layouts, securing data and reports, working with expressions and code logic, and distributing reports with subscriptions.

Please note that this workshop specifically targets report authors new to Power BI paginated reporting—SSRS professionals can already leverage many of the great features of Power BI paginated reports.


Monday 1 January 1900