Solving Common Performance Problems Using Query Store

One of the best new features of SQL Server 2016 is Query Store; it’s a game-changer for data professionals. Have you ever had that emergency where you’re informed “The database is slow! It was fine yesterday! Nothing changed!”? How often have you wished for a query’s baseline metrics so that you could quickly compare pre- and post-upgrade performance? Have you ever flailed about querying DMV after DMV to figure out the *real* problem with performance?

It’s time to stop reacting; it’s time to let Query Store help.

In this full-day workshop we’ll dive into the internals of Query Store and cover configuration; the data it captures; and how to use it analyze performance, find regressions, and force plans. The demos will teach you how to interrogate the data to find common patterns in query performance using T-SQL and visualization techniques, and how to take advantage of the wait statistics information captured. Finally, we will end the day working with the Automatic Tuning feature in SQL Server 2017, so you can see how to free up your time for other tasks. You’ll leave this class with the skills to find and leverage important information in Query Store to make query tuning easier.

Familiar with the plan cache and query plans, query optimization, and performance monitoring
Laptop Required:No


Wednesday 21 February 2018