Reliable, Repeatable, & Automated: PowerShell for DBAs

Automating and testing your SQL Server environment has never been easier. Now you can put down your manual checklists and skillfully:

  • Track SQL Server instance configurations
  • Promptly provide required information to managmement, change configuration or developers
  • Deftly respond to audit change requirements across your entire estate (and impress your auditor with PowerShell; it happened to us!)
  • Restore SQL Servers to their correct state prior and post deployment
  • Test *everything* from configuration to permissions, SQL service account share access to sysadmins, Agent Jobs to SPNs

Now that SQL Server loves PowerShell and Microsoft loves open source, it is even easier to automate even your most time-consuming, repetitive, mundane or burdensome tasks.

This full day session will help build your foundation for understanding how PowerShell can be used to ease the technical hurdles all DBAs face. By attending this training, you will learn how PowerShell automation is not scary or hard and can make your job easier and more exciting, leaving you more time for important things like perusing dbareactions.

Pre or post release, incident resolution, your favourite community tools, first line checks, DBA daily, monthly and quarterly routines - let us help you automate it all.

You do not need expert PowerShell skils to join this session. We can take you from beginner and give you as much knowledge as you can take in in one day and we will provide all of the scripts and demos that we use for you to take home

Join SQL Server DBAs & PowerShell MVPs Chrissy LeMaire and Rob Sewell for a demo heavy day and leave with all the confidence you need to automate your environnment at work and even contribute to the open source projects that are changing the world of SQL Server.

Some basic knowledge of PowerShell and DBA
Laptop Required:Yes

  • Spec: A modern Windows 10 laptop
  • Software: VS Code PowerShell Power Bi desktop ssms. Docker and sqlserver if you don’t want to use the lab
  • Subscriptions: No

Thursday 22 February 2018