Getting started with SQL and Azure.

Azure and its many SQL offerings can be complex to get started with. Together we will understand the options, where and when to use them.

Then through worked examples and labs we will setup, configure and use the different options available.

The main areas that will be covered in this training day are:

  • Azure platform essentials
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
  • SQL Server in Containers
  • SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines

With a mix of theory and hands on labs. By the end of the day you will be able to make informed recommendations to your peers on which is the appropriate technology to use for any given task.

You should have a basic knowledge of SQL Server and an appreciation of Microsoft Azure.
Laptop Required:Yes

  • Spec: Enough to run SSMS, and Azure storage tools.
  • Software: Latest Version of SSMS from Microsoft, Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer ( or Cloudberry Explorer Freeware (
  • Subscriptions: None


Wednesday 21 February 2018