Database DevOps in A Day

Learn how to accomplish Database DevOps in a Day. Devs and DBAs (and other roles) welcome!

In one forty-six minute session in 2009 John Allspaw and Paul Hammond changed the way millions of people would think about the software delivery process for years to come. DevOps folk preach about the cloud, automation, rapid delivery and any database technology that isn’t relational.

In 2013 Kenny Gorman declared "The DBA is Dead".

For the record, we don’t believe that, but a lot of people do. What is certain is that the world of IT is changing and traditional roles are changing with it. We all need to adapt.

During the day we will explain what DevOps is, where it came from, and its implications for SQL Server. We’ll demo example solutions to some of the foundational technical challenges (source control and test/deployment automation) and we will leave plenty of time at the end to answer your questions.

Bring your laptop and we’ll provide you with all that you need to follow along with the demos and take away a working template for database automation. (We will provide full details prior to the event).

Basic SQL Dev/DBA skills
Laptop Required:Yes

  • Software: Remote desktop to a VM that I’ll provide.
  • Subscriptions: No


Wednesday 21 February 2018