Data Modeling with Power BI

You have data, and you have Power BI. So why can’t you glean any real insights into the information? Or maybe you’re dealing with a different problem: As you examine your data, you’re struggling to write the formula that provides the numbers you need. Either way, your problem is most likely with the data model.

This pre-con introduces the basic techniques of shaping data models in Power BI. We’ll assess real-world examples that look at your reports in a different way, and show you that with the right data model, the correct answer is always a simple one!

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Define business model entities and measures (dimensions and facts)
  • Properly model header/details structures
  • Use multiple fact tables, like sales and purchases, in a complex data model
  • Manage calendar-related calculations using the proper date tables
  • Track historical attributes, like previous addresses of customers or manager assignments
  • Use snapshots to compute quantity on hand

Basic usage of Power BI
Laptop Required:No


Wednesday 21 February 2018