Business Intelligence in Azure

Are you looking to develop or migrate a business intelligence (BI) solution to Azure? With so many different services available on the Microsoft Data Platform are you confused what to use for where and why? If the answer is yes, then this training day is for you!

We’ll look at a variety of different architectures, both PaaS and IaaS, and how the various Azure services can be used to create a cloud based BI platform to deliver your enterprise data. This will include SQL DB, SQL DW, Data Factory, Data Lake and Power BI.

We’ll also explore how you can extend this even further, integrating real-time data with a Lambda architecture using IoT Hubs and Stream Analytics, as well as introducing Machine Learning into the mix.

By the end of this day you’ll understand the pros and cons of the various services available, and how they can work together to provide a full business intelligence solution in Azure. Not just lift and shift, but a native cloud BI architecture.

A little experience developing business intelligence solution on the Microsoft data platform.
Laptop Required:No

Wednesday 21 February 2018