36 Scripts: Performance Tricks Jedi Master Wants You to Know

"Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose." – Yoda

This demo-oriented day-long session will answer the questions which DBA and Developers often wonder about Performance Tuning and Query Optimization.

There are some problems which have straight forward answers, but there are some problems which are often invisible or need attention without even a problem statement. This day-long session will be divided in these three major components:

  • 1) Identifying and resolve common performance tuning patterns and anti-patterns
    • a) Slow running queries,
    • b) Resource Intensive operations (IO, CPU, and Memory)
    • c) tempdb contention
    • d) optimizing execution plan
  • 2) Proactively resolving optimization bottlenecks and issues
    • a) Indexing strategies,
    • b) wait stats and queues,
    • c) database file deployment best practices,
    • d) optimizing statistics
  • 3) Plan ahead for unexpected performance issue while upgraded to the latest version of SQL Server 2014 and 2016
    • a) New cardinality engine,
    • b) column store indexes best practices
    • c) live plans,
    • d) azure enhancements,
    • e) in-memory OLTP optimizations
    • f) query store
    • g) temporal table

    We will discuss 36 different tips and tricks along with scripts in this session and every attendee will have those scripts handy upon completion of the session.

    The session will have a unique storytelling style of presentation. We will have a big story arc (an experienced DBA – Jedi with Junior Intern - Padawan) with three sub story lines. We will refer many of the popular quotes from popular culture and build story around it. We will end the session with following statement – “Always pass on what you have learned.” – Yoda

    Stay alert for pop quizzes.

    Basics of SQL
    Laptop Required:No


Wednesday 21 February 2018