Migrating SQL Server Workloads to Azure Successfully

The time has come to migrate your SQL Server estate to the Azure cloud.  Your manager has heard it will save them money, it's elastic and he would be silly not to move everything to Azure.  You are undoubtedly a bit more cautious and have a whole bunch of hopes. fears and expectations: 

  • What do I need
  • Can I move my databases
  • how do I move them
  • Will my applications still work
  • what are the restrictions
  • how much will it cost
  • what's all this DTU stuff

You will no doubt have a load more questions as well but this is a good list to get started with.  Don't worry though, during this day long session we'll address all of these questions and more.  During the day we will look how to

  • Plan your SQL Server Migration
  • Implement the move
  • Test that everything still works.

When you leave this session you are going to have a good understanding of what the cloud can offer for SQL Server along with things you need to consider before jumping into the move.  You'll know and understand where things will break and whether by thinking a bit differently you can fix it.

Allan is the CIO of Elastabytes, a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in migrating data workloads to Azure.


Wednesday 5 April 2017