Data Platform Essentials Toolkit

It is important to understand where, when, and how to use the myriad of technologies available to us in the Microsoft Data Platform. Here we will look at the essential knowledge and techniques for Aspiring and Accidental Data Platform Engineers. Looking at what our options are for on-premises, Cloud, and Hybrid solutions. Covering the key elements of Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL DW, and traditional SQL Server. When they are appropriate, when they are not, and the key configurations you need to know to start using them. Once we understand which technology to use, we can start looking at how to get the most out of them. Ranging from query performance, through to how to identify and resolve key issues that can impact the effectiveness of your solution. Agenda
  1. Overview of Microsoft Data Platform
    1. Azure SQL Database
    2. Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    3. SQL Server in Azure VMs
    4. SQL Server on-premises
  2. Considerations for using and selecting the appropriate technology.
  3. Important Performance Indicators
  4. Performance Tuning
    1. Azure SQL Database & SQL Server
    2. Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    3. Solutions Architecture Design Considerations


Thursday 6 April 2017