Tuesday 8 March 2022
with Alberto Ferrari
with Kevin Chant and Sander Stad
with Tomaž Kaštrun
with Angela Henry and Michael Johnson
with Simon Whiteley, Stijn Wynants and Zach Stagers
with Blythe Morrow and Catherine Brown
with Niels Berglund
with Emily Lisa, Bob Ward, Anna Hoffman and Marisa Brasile
Wednesday 9 March 2022
with Joey D'Antoni and John Morehouse
with Dave Ruijter and Marc Lelijveld
with Rob Sewell and Jess Pomfret
with Terry McCann and Gavita Regunath
with Liam Doyle, Francesco Sbrescia and Tom Jordan
with Grant Fritchey, Steve Jones and Kathi Kellenberger
with Mohamed Kabiruddin, Bob Ward, Bradley Ball, Alexandra Ciortea, Pam Lahoud and Marisa Brasile
with Matthew Roche, Patrick LeBlanc, Lars Andersen and Alex Powers