Leadership Skills for the Database Professional

Most IT leaders earned their promotions on the basis of their technical competency, not their leadership skills.  Technical leaders rarely step into leadership in possession of the complex mix of soft skills that engenders their success and the success of their teams.  The seminar teaches a variety of leadership skills required by IT teams, such as:
  • Coaching
  • Facilitating change
  • Promoting communication
  • Difficult management scenarios
This one day seminar will not fully train technology professionals in every aspect of every leadership
category.  (An MBA doesn't either, and it takes years to earn one).  However, it will equip attendees with the training and reference material to further develop their leadership potential and achieve excellent results, both for themselves and for their teams.

Prerequisites: Strong verbal and written communication skills in the English language in a Western (Anglo-Saxon) cultural context.

Goal 1: Develop an understanding of internal motivations (that is, strong self-awareness) and what motivates the IT professionals on your team.

Goal 2: Develop visualization, planning, and execution skills to enable you and your team to meet the goals set by management.

Goal 3: Develop the specific skills needed to lead their teams, including resolving impasses and performance problems, motivational skills, and gaining the support of management.


Thursday 29 March 2012