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SQLBits The 6th Sets

SQLBits The 6th Sets took place 16th April at the Church House Conference Centre in London. Whilst it is was only a single day event, it was the best attended day of all the conferences so far.


Denormalisation -having your cake and eating it
Design patterns for SSIS Performance
Designing and Tuning high speed data loading
Event Driven Cube Performance and Security Monitoring
Fast Track Foundations: Get Serious about Sequential I/O
Getting Started with SQL Azure
Handling large scale systems
High Availability in the Real World!
High performance functions
Improving database development with source control
Improving Database Performance by Removing the Database
Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer
Introduction to Performance Tuning Analysis Services 2008
Lessons Learned from 128 Core OLTP Testing
Make your DBA life better using SQL Server technologies - notes from field & best practices
Monitoring and Tuning Parallel Query Execution
Non-Functional Dependencies - A talktorial on getting performance and scalability right through proper Database Design and understanding Set and Relational theory
Optimizing tempdb and temporary object use
Performance Management for SQL Server with SCOM 2007
Performance Monitoring & Tuning - Documented Tips & Tricks
Performance Troubleshooting made easy with PAL
Photograph: SQL Server Crash Dump Analysis
Scaleout scenarios with Service Broker
SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Scalability and Performance
SQLSentry Optimizing SQL Server Performance
Supercharge MDX performance using MDX Studio
Transaction Log Performance Tuning, Stop shouting Timber!
Troubleshooting the SQL Server Service