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SQLBits Superheros, our first four day event, was held at the ExCeL London, March 2015. There was no SQLBits XIII, we jumped straight from XII to XIV.


7 Databases in 70 Minutes
AD 2015. 2AM A Disaster just Began
Agnostic, Hybrid Big Data Integration using PDW and PolyBase
Alarm for Data Governance! Self-Service BI is coming
All about Indexes
All About Indexing
Amazing Things You Can Do With Power BI
An End-to-End Troubleshooting Checklist for SQL Server
An Introduction To Column Store Indexes and Batch Mode
An introduction to the Power BI Designer
Analysing Text with SQL Server 2014
Analytics Master Class-exploiting exotic patterns in data
Analyze data streams with Azure stream analytics
Automating Your Database Deployments
Azure Machine Learning from the ground up
Azure Networks and VMs for the DB Guy
Behaviour Analysis MDX
Best Practices for multi-environment database development
BI DBA Performance Tuning
Boost your T-SQL with the APPLY Operator
Branding Yourself for a Dream Job
Budgeting with Power Pivot
Build your own Monitoring Environment with Powershell
Building a meta-driven near realtime ETL solution with BIML
Building A Reporting Solution Using Power Query
Building an Operational Data Store using SQL Server in Azure
Building Big - In The Cloud
Building scalable analytical solutions on Azure
Bulk load and minimal logged inserts
Challenge Me! Capturing SQL Server Data with PowerShell
Cloud Migration: The anatomy of a whole datacentre migration
Clustering SQL Server: What Does It Mean In 2015?
Coeo Managed Support-More interesting support cases!
Columnstore Indexes in SQL 2014: Flipping the DW Faster Bit
Common Pitfalls When Analyzing Execution Plans
Common TSQL Mistakes
Continuous Integration for Reporting Services
Cool Story, Bro: The DBAreactions Guide to SQL Server 2014
Create SQL FCIs with AGs cross site with no SAN rep???
Daily problems with indexing and its-possible-solution
Data Culture
Database Design: Size DOES Matter
Daves SQL Fun Time Hour (Plus a bit)
Deadlocking for Mere Mortals
Deep dive into Delayed Durability
Deep Dive into Power Query Formula Language
Deep into Isolation Levels
Delivering Agile Analytics with Azure Machine Learning
Deploying SQL Server with Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine
Designing a database to best support multidimensional OLAP
Designing Stored Procedure Solutions
Developing For PowerBI
Did You Vote Today? A DBAs Guide to Cluster Quorum
DR with the Worlds largest data center
Drive BI Value through Master Data Management
Easy Performance Tuning: an Intro to Wait Statistics
Estimation and Statistics : The Basis of query optimization
EventStore-a streaming database for CQRS and event sourcin
Excel Services 2013-the BI frontend of the future
Execution Plans: What Can You Do With Them?
Extended Events - Top Features
Eye Vegetables and Eye Candy: How to Visualise your Data
Five Ways to Write More Effective Triggers
Five Ways You Can Become the Enterprise Data Hero
From Here to Azure
Get started with troubleshooting SQL Server
Get Testing with tSQLt
Getting Started with Azure DocumentDB
Getting Started with Azure Search
Getting Started: Azure SQL DB Audit & Dynamic Data Masking
Getting Your Data into NodeXL
Going Asynchronous with Service Broker
Hadoop Primer for SQL Server DBA
Hadoop: From Hive with Stinger to Tez
Headache guaranteed: Deadlocking in SQL Server!
How HP’s New Style of IT helps overcome your SQL challenges
How to decide if your database is a good candidate for Virtu
In Database Automation We Trust
Increase your SSIS productivity with Biml
Increasing Business and IT Collaboration with SQL Server
Indexing Internals
In-Memory OLTP, how to use it
Inside the Query Optimizer
Introducing the Reimagined Power BI Platform
Introduction to Powershell cmdlets for DBAs
Life saver-Resource Governor for applications & reporting
Lightning Talks
Load Testing With SQL Server Tools
Metadata Driven Automation: A Primer
Microsoft Azure SQL DB-an inside look
Microsoft SQL Server Engine team unplugged (Q&A)
Microsoft SQL Server: Hybrid Computing Evolution
Monster Text Manipulation: Regular Expressions for the DBA
My top 5 new features in SQL Server 2014
On Transactions and Atomic Operations
One BI Platform to Rule Them All
Optimizing your SSDT Deployments faster than The Flash
ORM Tuning From A Database Perspective
Parameter Sniffing Problem with Stored Procedures
Power BI as your Business Intelligence Proof of Concept Tool
Power BI Dashboarding
Power BI on SAP HANA
Practical T-SQL Tips & Tricks to coding problems
Prevention is better than cure!
Python and R for SQL and Business Intelligence Professionals
Query Optimizer: What’s New in SQL Server 2014
Query Store: New Query Tuning Feature For SQL Server & Azure
Query Tuning Mastery: Clash of the Row Goals
Reading the SQL Server Execution Plan
Real Life Master Data Management with SQL Server and MDS
Relational Data Warehouse Performance Tuning
RMan and ReportingGirl-joined forces for clean reporting
Scaling the DVD Store from 100 to a million TPM
Self-Service Information Management with the Data Catalog
SharePoint as Business Intelligence platform
Shiny: dashboards in R
SQL CLR Demystified
SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP Deep Dive
SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse: Understand the program
SQL Server on Flash: Re-Thinking Best Practices
SQL Server, HDInsight, & Machine Learning-data and big data
SQL2014 : The all new cardinality estimator
SSAS Tabular from the Trenches
SSIS & HDInsight
Stored Procedures vs Ad-Hoc SQL: Performance Showdown!
Succeeding as a Remote Worker
Superscaling SQL Server 2014 Parallel Insert
Temporal Databases: Solving todays problems throughout time
Ten 10 Query Tuning Techniques Every SQL Programmer Should K
The BI Power Hour
The Big Backup Theory
The Data Loading Performance Presentation
The Developer Side of SQL Server Monitoring and Diagnostics
The European Economic Crisis and the Euro-A Data Tale
The future of the Data Professional
Think Inside the Box! Understanding the Query Life Cycle
To The Cloud, Infinity, & Beyond: Top 10 Lessons Learned
Tools and Tips: From accidental to efficient DWH developer
Top 10 Mistakes of New IT Leaders
Top Tips for Better T-SQL
Troubleshooting the Memory of SQL Server
T-SQL : Bad Habits & Best Practices
Under Construction-Power BI for Developers ?
Understanding & Solving Columnstore Problems
Understanding SQL Database Elastic Scale for the DBA
Unit Testing Database Code using the tSQLt Framework
Unlock the full power of BI in Excel/Web/Mobile with XLCubed
Using PowerBI and DAX to predict and win Fantasy F1
Visualizing performance tuning data
Visualizing Your Indexes-the Science behind the Art
Wait watchers-Gain Performance Increases Fast!
What Happened? Exploring the Plan Cache
When good SQL design goes bad
Ye Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe-Clustering Tips & Tricks