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SQLBits XII was held at the Telford Internation Centre, July 2014.
As well as the usual wealth of speakers and attendees,
We also enjoyed a Pub Quiz evening, but if you haven't heard
about the evening party then have a look at the SQLBits facebook page.


“SQL Attack…ed” - SQL Server under attack: SQL Injection
A Comedy of Errors
A Look at 3 Big Data Tools
A One Hour Data Analysts Toolkit: using R and PowerBI
Achieving PCI with SQL Server - Don't be the next Sony
Advanced Modeling with Analysis Services Tabular
Advanced Reporting Techniques & Managing Reports
Azure SQL DB - Running a cloud database service at scale
Bad Plan! Sit!
Basket Analysis using BI Office and SSAS Tabular Edition
BI Tips and Tricks with SQL Server Reporting Services
Blend SQL Azure with SQL Server to drive Performance Insight
Branding Yourself for a Dream Job
Building a BI Performance Monitoring Solution
Building Your Myth Busting Lab With Power BI
Building Your T-SQL Tool Kit: Window Function Fundamentals
Cardinality Estimates in Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Column Store Index and Batch Mode Scalability Deep Dive
Continuous Delivery for Data Warehouses and Marts
Continuous Integration for Databases
Data Security - In a Post Snowden World
Database Design Contentious Issues
DAX Patterns
Deep-Dive to Analysis Services Security
Demonstrating PDW integration with Hadoop & Polybase
Designing quality SQL Server 2014 solutions
Dive into the Query Optimizer-Undocumented Insight
Do's and don'ts of database corruption
Effective Index Partitioning, Compression Strategy
ETL Patterns with Clustered Columnstore Indexes
Extending your datacentre to the cloud with SQL Server 2014
Fasten your seat belt and look at the Data Steward
From user groups to #sqlhelp-the SQL community explained
Getting Started Reading Execution Plans
Hadoop: Big Data or Big Deal?
How the SQL Server Engine Thinks
How to Pick SQL Server Hardware
How to write professional Powershell scripts
Inside Ola Hallengrens Maintenance Solution
Integration Services (SSIS) for the DBA
Interesting support cases from the Coeo Managed Support Team
Intro to R
Introducing XLCubed: More Microsoft BI power with less tools
Introduction to BI Office
Is your data big enough for a PDW?
I've Got A SQL Database, Now What?
Latches, Spinlocks, and Lock Free Data Structures
Learn about SQL Server Buffer Pool Extension, flash storage
Making the ODS the Centre of Your Data Strategy
MDX 101
Microsoft Analytics: The Next Wave
Microsofts big data strategy : Enhancements & Scenarios
Migrating to the Cloud
Monitoring Databases in a Virtual Environment
Monitoring Windows Azure SQL Server VMs and SQL Databases
Optimising Cube Processing
Optimizing & Analyzing DAX Query Plans
Optimizing database access and diving into .Net SqlClient
Optimizing Temporal Queries
Patch Management Strategies for SQL Server Deployments
Patterns & Practices for Scaling Windows Azure SQL Database
Performance Tuning SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
Power BI, zero to expert
Power Query in Modern Corporate BI
Power Query: Beyond The Basics
Practical Unit Testing for SSIS Packages
Query Optimizer Internals : Traceflag fun
Query Progress Tracking in SQL Server
Revenge: The SQL!
Running SQL Server 2014 on a Scale Out File Server
SAN eye for the SQL girl/guy
SQL 14 In-memory OLTP : Architecture to Implementation
SQL Server In-Memory OLTP and Flash
SQL Server Storage vNext: Welcome to the Future
SQL Tips, Tricks and Misconceptions
SSIS internals and performance
T4 Templating within SSDT using SQL Server 2014
The dangerous beauty of Bookmark Lookups
The Day After Tomorrow; Why You Need to Baseline
The Irish Economic Crisis, Visualised with Power BI
The Necronomicon, SQL Server Book of the Dead
The secret to pain-free database deployments? Automation
The SSDT way or the highway (sqlproj)
Things You Can Find in the Plan Cache
Tim's Top Ten Templates
Top 5 SQL Server 2014 Hybrid Features
Top Tools for Tuning SQL
T-SQL : Bad Habits & Best Practices
T-SQL Tips and Tricks
Understanding Parameter Sniffing
Using SQL Servers AlwaysOn Availability Groups
Watch Brent Tune Queries
Windows Azure SQL Database Design: Concepts and Trade-offs