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SQLBits X - The UK SQL Server 2012 Technical Launch

SQLBits 10 was held at Novotel, Hammersmith, London, 29th to 31st March 2012. It was by far our largest event so far, complete with a Casino night, and a Pub night with Quiz and Pro Darts. We did of course have some excellent sessions too...


(Way Too Much) Fun with Reporting Services
2 AM-A Disaster just began...
5+ Database Design Blunders and How to Avoid Them
A better SSIS? Migrating a datawarehouse to SQL Server 2012
A Deep Dive in SQL Server 2012 Data Warehousing
A heap of clusters
A lap around the SSIS Catalog
A Preview of High Availability in SQL Server 2012
Accelerating BI Projects with Varigence
Advanced Security with Analysis Services Multidimensional
Analysis Services 2012 Tabular Mode Best Practices
Architectural Patterns and practices SQL Azure
Awesome new T-SQL candy in SQL Server 2012
BI from space: PowerPivot with NASA data
Big Data, Cloud, and other Marketing Buzzwords De-mystified
BigData vs. Data Warehousing
Building a BI Portal for Tabular Models
Building an infrastructure to support real-time OLAP
Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation: SQL Server 2012
Business Intelligence with Excel 2010
Compression - Define your Strategy
Create a Data Model in BISM Tabular
Deciding if Virtualization is a good choice for your servers
Declarative Database Development with SSDT
Deep Dive on Database Private Cloud
Designing a Private Cloud Infrastructure for SQL Server
Distributed Query Deep Dive
DW Design With The Product Team
Enter the Dragon: SQL 2012 on Server Core
Everything You Wanted to Know about ProClarity’s RoadMap...
Extended Events and the new Profiler in SQL Server 2012
Extended Events-Not so tricky as you might think
FastTrack 101: How it makes your data analysis faster
Incremental Loading of Data using CDC in SQL Server 2012
Introduction to Microsoft Codename "Data Explorer"
IT Horror Stories: Tales of the Weird, Grotesque & Deformed
Lego Sets: Relational Building Blocks
Lightning Talks
Load Testing Analysis Services
Loading Data Warehouse Dimensions in SSIS
Luke I’m your father – Hierarchies in SQL Server
Maximizing hardware utilization for performance & lower TCO
Memory Management for Analysis Services with SQL Sentry
Native File Streaming with SQL Server 2012
Performance investigations with Analysis Services 2012
Perk up your performance!
Presenting Like Jagger
Query Plan Operators Deep Dive
Query Tuning Mastery: The Art of Manhandling Parallelism
Query Tuning Mastery: Workspace Memory Internals
Revealing the Magic
ROLAP with Column Store – Deep Dive
Saturday Keynote: Inside SQL Server 2012’s ColumnStore Index
Scaling out your Cloud Database with SQL Azure Federations
So How Does BI Workload Impact the Database Engine? Part I
Social Media, BI, and Bridging The SSMS-VS Divide
Spatial Data “Stretches Out” in SQL Server 2012
SQL 2012 Always On-Deep Dive
SQL 2012 Data Quality Services-Knowledge Driven Data Quality
SQL 2012 Highly Available BI Environments from the Field
SQL Server 2012 TAP: Lessons learned
SQL Server 2012: Column store indexes
SQL Server 2012: Live Deployment-Panel discussion
SQL Server Indexes : The forgotten Fill-Factor
SQL Trivia Bowl
Sql user group leaders present an A-Z of nuggets
SreamInsight: Adding a Realtime Tool to Your Belt
SSIS in SQL Server 2012, Part 1: Developer Enhancements
SSIS in SQL Server 2012, Part 2: Deployment and Management
SSIS with BidsHelper-Getting into BIML
SSRS vs Google Analytics. Decision making
System Center Advisor Deep Dive
Temporal Snapshot Fact Table
The NUMA internals of SQL Server 2012
The top 10 biggest SQL Server configuration mistakes
Think Outside the Group! Take MDX to the next level in SSRS
Time Intelligence in DAX
To the Cloud with SQL Server Data Tools
Top 10 Administrator Mistakes on Microsoft SQL Server
Troubleshooting TempDb
T-SQL Brush-up:The Best Things You Forgot You Knew About SQL
TSQL Performance Tips
Turbocharge your DW Queries with Columnstore Indexes
Understand Complex Plans and Staying Sane with Plan Explorer
Understanding Microsoft Certification in SQL Server
Unit Testing SSIS Packages
Using SQL Server 2012s Always On
What's Buried in the Plan Cache?
Whats new in SQL Server 2012-TSQL
Writing better code with windowing functions on SQL 2012