For many organisations Access Databases have offered a rich user experience yet posed a thorn in their side when it comes to controlling and managing what is produced. With Access 2010 organisations now have the opportunity to both move the data into a more secure repository built on SQL Server through a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Server Interface, yet also maintain the client applications. The new Access Web Databases are hybrid in that they both support a native client Access application and a pure browser based interface to the SharePoint host.

Access 2010 Web Databases offer the opportunity to exploit the fantastic RAD capabilities of the product and yet allow business level users for the first time to develop a solution which can be delivered through a browser interface.

Detailed topics

Relational database structure vs. SharePoint Lookups and Relationships.

How to migrate existing applications.

RAD fast with Access 2010 deploying a web browser interface, setting new standard.

Macro Programming and more advanced topics.

Presented by Andrew Couch at SQLBits VII