Henk van der Valk from the Unisys performance lab will  be my special guest for this session. He has a test system that we all would like to have at home, probably until you get the first electricity bill :-) The ES7000 has 96 Cores and half a Terabyte of RAM (!). 


We will look at various ways to push SQL Server workloads by methodically detecting and resolving bottlenecks.


A number of tips, tricks and testing methods that Henk tought the (Dutch) SQL Server community over the past years I applied successfully on various troubled systems. Together we will show you how you can take some lessons learned and apply them on mid-sized and even smaller systems.  (We’ll even try some of them on a laptop, and of course we will remote connect into the big machine )


In this session you will:

  • Learn how to measure what the next bottle-neck is so you don’t have to guess. (Using perfmon and waitstats)
  • Hear about optimization tips that will get the most out of your hardware to speed up your ETL process. 
  • Learn some magic to speed up tablescan  speed from disk and memory (!) significantly.
Presented by Andre Kamman at SQLBits V