In this talk we will contrast and compare developing WebForm applications using Visual Studio 2008 with different types of datasources. We will be looking at design issues relating to concurrency control and updateability when using key Visual Studio controls such as the FormView and ListView controls. So if you don’t know where to start in choosing between SQL, LINQ and Entity datasources then you will by the end of this talk. We will also take a look at techniques for the seamless integration of security with SQL Server Login security for web applications using LINQ. General topics:-

  • .net database interfaces in a browser
  • Design philosophy and strategies
  • Datasources; SQL,LINQ and EDM
  • Factors in design choices
  • Multiple-tiers in design
  • Integrating SQL Server security with .net

Detailed topics for contrasting datasources:-

  • View updateability
  • Concurrency control
  • Exploiting CSS
  • Language syntax
  • Navigation
  • Foreign key syntax
  • Model updates
  • Handling null values and controls
  • Dropdown lists and data integrity
Presented by Andrew Couch at SQLBits V