SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse is quickly gaining traction as a leading solution for delivering consistent, high performance data warehousing. It was launched in February 2009 with seven reference architectures from HP, Dell/EMC and Bull, offering a selection of architectures with storage capacities from 4 to 32 TB  and up to 32 CPU cores. Customers have seen excellent price-performance, faster time to value, and consistently high performance right out of box through the pre-tested ‘appliance’ approach. The Fast Track systems are being deployed in both SME situations as a core data warehouse platform, and also in larger enterprises as part of a hub & spoke architecture. This session looks at the advantages of Fast Track, gives some case studies, talks about the practical considerations of an implementation, and also looks at what’s next for this new SQL Server platform.
Presented by Anthony Howcroft at SQLBits V
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